Board of Directors and Management Team

Southeastern Guide Dogs is fortunate to have the leadership, support and passion of a highly qualified and prestigious Board of Directors who dedicate themselves to pooling their skills in governance, strategic planning, financial management, advocacy, and resource development as well as a Management Team that is dedicated to ensuring that Southeastern Guide Dogs achieves excellence in every aspect of its work.

Chief Executive Officer Titus Herman
Director of Information Management & Capital Projects Joel Clark
Senior Campus Veterinarian Dr. Kevin Conrad
Director of Marketing Stacy Howe
Director of Development Andy Kramer
Director of Finance Gloria Manzenberger
Director of Human Resources and Volunteer Services Shannon Starline
Chairman Tim Griffy Houston, TX
Vice Chairman John Whitcomb Tampa, FL
Treasurer Rich Clune Marietta, GA
Secretary Chris McNamee Lakewood Ranch, FL
Member David Barnhart Atlanta, GA
Member Ray Bishop Atlanta, GA
Member Scott Collins Sarasota, FL
Member Lea Levines Tampa, FL
Member Gary Johnson Tampa, FL
Lifetime Member Bobby Newman Tampa, FL
Member Roger Pettingell Sarasota, FL
Member Kathleen Riley Atlanta, GA
Lifetime Member Harris Silverman, M.D. Bradenton, FL
Member Dulce Weisenborn Hialeah, FL
Member Eric Williams Tampa, FL

Former Board Members

  • Carol Beauchamp-Forrester
  • Gene Beckstein
  • Mike Bennett
  • Dan Blalock
  • Suzanne Branch, AIA
  • Herbert Breslaw
  • William W. Casey
  • Pat Cowan
  • Robert D. Miller
  • Leon Ford
  • William Forrest
  • William Gaar
  • Michael Gallucchi, Jr.
  • Stuart Grout
  • Debbie Grubb
  • Laura Harto
  • Jack Hempel
  • James Kanzler, D.V.M.
  • Arlene Klein
  • Phyllis L. Miller
  • Ray McCabe
  • William Middlebrooks
  • William Moyle
  • Rufus Mumford
  • Ann-Margaret Perkins, Esq.
  • Charles Samen
  • Robert Sherman
  • Don Smith
  • Katie Tyler
  • Quentin Walters
  • Cliff Whyte
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