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  • World’s Smartest Dogs Play on National Scrabble Day

    We told you they were smart. Our dogs, that is.

    And since today is National Scrabble Day, our smartest dogs insisted they get in on the action. They’re in it to win it, and we just happened to catch the big game on camera!

    After you watch our world’s smartest dogs, you’ll want to do two things:

    1. Watch again, and this time, pay attention to the words our dogs spell on the Scrabble board.

    2. Share! Send this feel-good-Friday video to anyone who needs a laugh today.

    P.S. We’re having fun here at Southeastern Guide Dogs, but truthfully, our dogs really are smart. They’re changing the world for people with vision loss and veterans with disabilities every single day!

    Video description for our community of people with vision loss: The video begins with a Scrabble board falling open and letter tiles falling across the board. An orange circle with "Feel Good Friday provided by Southeastern Guide Dogs" appears on screen. The camera cuts to a close up of a golden retriever wearing an orange and blue bowtie, and then to a black Labrador wearing glasses. The camera zooms out and the dogs are sitting with a table between them, and a Scrabble board sitting on the table. The words "These dogs can do anything" appear between the dogs and the dogs appear to be playing Scrabble together. The image zooms to the black Lab's letters, and the golden retriever is seen behind them. The golden reaches his paw towards the Scrabble board. Then images of a black paw and the golden paw placing letters quickly flash upon the screen. When the camera zooms out, an aerial shot of the Scrabble board appears and the following words are spelled out: treat, tail, train, loyal, left, crate, curb, right about, stay, harness, sit, wait, in, canine, and wag. The dogs then sit side by side and the words "Happy National Scrabble Day from Fuzzy and Bekker!" appear on the screen before the Southeastern Guide Dogs logo.

  • April 2018 Construction Update

    Take a look as we build our new Canine University. We're thankful for this dream come true, and we're excited about opening this summer! Watch the video and see our progress.

    Video description for our community of people with vision loss: The video begins with the words “Planning comes to life” as two men stand over a blueprint of a building. The next image is of the outside of the Canine University and the words “for Canine University” appear. It continues with two men in hardhats walking inside towards a lift to a skylight in the center of one of the residence halls. It continues to a man painting primer on the inside block of the kennels and another man trimming drywall. The video continues with quick images of men cutting sound absorbing panels, unrolling floor protectors, and cutting Styrofoam insulation panels. The video continues with men lifting window panes and the words “training center” appear on the bottom corner, and more rapid images of men working on a construction site flash by including images of men painting wood pieces and placing buckets of epoxy flooring in the lobby. The video ends with a wide shot of the outside of the building and the words “Coming Summer 2018” on the screen. It fades to the Southeastern Guide Dogs logo.

  • Walkathons Celebrate National Walk in the Park Day

    Today is National Take a Walk in the Park Day, and our four remaining Walkathons represent the best of the celebration. Why? Because (1) you can bring your dogs, and (2) you can make an impact! Visit www.GuideDogsWalkathon.org for more info.

    Video description for our community of people with vision loss: This video was shot outside at the St. Petersburg Walkathon at Vinoy Park and at the Lakewood Ranch Walkathon at Nathan Benderson Park. The video combines aerial and close-up images of people walking with their dogs. The video starts with an aerial shot at Nathan Benderson Park of people walking along a path and across a red bridge. It continues to an image of walker’s feet and dogs on leashes. “It’s National Take a Walk in the Park Day!” comes across the screen appearing on the sidewalk. An aerial image of people walking through Vinoy Park with their dogs shows a grassy area on the left and the bay on the right, and then the view zooms in to a man carrying a black Labrador puppy. The puppy’s tongue is hanging out of the side of its mouth. The camera cuts to an image of a man kneeling with two golden retrievers, giving them water out of a water bottle, and the remaining Walkathon dates appear on the screen. Orlando – April 7; Fort Myers and Tampa – April 14; Sarasota – April 21.

  • Wet, Wagging, and Wonderful: Puppy Splash Park

    Video description for our community of people with vision loss: This video was shot outside of our Puppy Academy within a fenced water play area called the Puppy Splash Park. The splash park structures are shown throughout the video and appear as bright blue and lime green tubular metal figures, shaped to appear like stick-figure dogs. Water sprays from these shapes and up from small fountains in the concrete. The video is filmed from the puppy-eye-level point of view, with rapid, high-energy transitions showing different views of puppies frolicking in water play. The video opens with a shot of five water spouts spraying from the underside of a blue tubular dog. The fence gate opens and three yellow Labrador puppies run inside. A black Lab puppy follows and runs toward the camera, which captures a close-up of its face. A yellow Lab approaches a ground spout, then the camera pans to more yellow puppies running under blue figures. Some close-ups of three yellow puppies follow, then a side view of a puppy drinking water from the down-spout under a blue tubular figure. Suddenly, about five puppies are in view and one jumps into the camera, appearing to jump into the viewers face, his wet black nose very close. A yellow Lab with a purple collar plays in an upward spraying spout and rubs his ear with his paw. Now two puppies appear as showers rain down on them from a spout out of camera view. A close up shows a yellow puppy’s face following the camera as the camera backs up. Next a yellow puppy tail wags over a very wet cement surface. A yellow puppy takes a drink in front of the green tubular figure. More camera close-ups follow of a jumping yellow puppy. A puppy in an orange collar shakes the water off. Two black puppies approach an upward spraying spout, as two blue-shirted staff members watch in the background. Four puppies run around on wet cement. A single pup with a red collar shakes its head beneath a gentle spray. The Southeastern Guide Dogs logo appears.

  • Toni and Keebler – The Perfect Match

    "Happy matchiversary"—that's something you don't hear often. Some of our alumni celebrate that day—that memorable day when they met their forever friend for the very first time.

    We call it "Match Day," the day our trainers introduce our guide and service dogs to the people who need them. Take a look as recent graduate Toni King meets her guide dog Keebler, and feel good, Friday!

    [Video description for our community of people with vision loss: The words "Feel Good Friday Provided by: Southeastern Guide Dogs" come on the screen while a yellow Labrador on a leash walks next to a female trainer. "Guide dog Keebler can't wait" appears onscreen as the dog walks past the camera. In the next shot, the words "to meet Toni for the first time" displays, as an image of a woman's feet appear. Keebler sits next to the trainer and his tail wags as the trainer knocks on a door. Toni appears on the screen as she says, "Keebler come!" The door opens, and Keebler pulls the trainer to Toni. The remainder of the video shows Keebler licking Toni's face and Toni petting Keebler. The words "It's a match made in heaven!" flash on the screen, then the Southeastern Guide Dogs logo appears.]

  • January 2018 – CEO Update

    Greetings from the Southeastern Guide Dogs campus in Palmetto, Florida. Watch as CEO Titus Herman looks ahead into 2018 and shares a glimpse of what the future holds for us. Hint: it’s about our dogs! (And the people we serve.)

  • A Song of Courage: Ewa & guide dog King

    Ewa lost her vision—and now her guide dog King restores hope and confidence.

  • Canine University Progress

    Our Canine University construction project is a beehive of activity, and we wanted to share this video update with you. As the walls rise and the dust flies, the excitement builds about the future of our new guide and service dog training facility. The dogs are going to love it! Thank you for investing in our superheroes.