For Those Who Have Seen Too Much

At Southeastern Guide Dogs, we care deeply about the men and women who serve in the U.S. Armed Forces, and our hearts go out to their families as well. In the spirit of compassion and caring, we have introduced a new type of placement for our calm, people-loving dogs that don’t fit in a guide or service dog career: our Gold Star Family dogs.

What is a Gold Star Family?

While not universally understood, the term Gold Star Family dates back to World War I. American families would fly a flag with a blue star for every family member actively serving. If that family member passed away, the star would be changed to a gold star. In 1947, Congress began distributing gold star lapel pins to the families. Our nation recognizes the sacrifice made by families when a family member dies in service to the nation.

Southeastern Guide Dogs now offers our well behaved, loving dogs to Gold Star families in need. Our first Gold Star Family dog was placed in September 2016.