Dogs Make a Difference for Children and Teens

Our dogs make a tremendous impact on children and teens facing significant challenges such as vision loss or the loss of a parent in the military.

What Kinds of Dogs Do We Offer?

We provide guide dogs for mature teens, Kids Companion dogs for children with vision loss, and Gold Star Family dogs for children who have lost a parent in the military.

  • Kids Companion Dogs

    Kids Companion Dogs provide companionship and teach responsibility to visually impaired youth ages 17 and younger, building the bridge to a future guide. Ready to apply? Click here.

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  • Guide Dogs

    Guide dogs lead the way, opening doors to independence, confidence, opportunity, and companionship. Ours learn over 40 commands, including intelligent disobedience—refusing a command for safety sake.
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  • Gold Star Family Dogs

    Well-trained Gold Star Family dogs offer loving companionship to military families who have lost a loved one in service to the nation, delivering comfort in the midst of difficult times. Ready to apply? Click here.

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  • Guide Dog Camp

    During our two-day overnight camp, you’ll learn a lot about caring for a guide dog, working with a dog in harness, dog obedience, and more. Your parents will also learn what a guide dog could mean for you.

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