They served us. Now it’s our turn.

Some veterans lose vision on the battlefield. Some return home from the battlefield, eyes intact, with unseen scars…nightmares and flashbacks so severe that it feels safer and more sane to just never leave the house. Our dogs make a dramatic difference.

What Kinds of Dogs Do We Offer?

We provide a wide range of highly trained dogs for veterans, military facilities, and Gold Star families.

  • Guide Dogs

    Guide dogs lead the way, opening doors to independence, confidence, opportunity, and companionship. Ours learn over 40 commands, including intelligent disobedience—refusing a command for safety sake.
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  • Service Dogs

    Service dogs shift the focus from triggers and trauma to the calm, steady presence of a highly trained dog. Specific commands such as watch, block, hug, and others mitigate symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), mobility assistance, seizure response, and hearing alert. Ready to apply? Click here.

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  • Emotional Support Dogs

    Emotional support dogs provide therapeutic comfort to veterans with disabilities. These gentle companion dogs create calm, provide companionship, and create opportunities for exercise and routine. Ready to apply? Request an application here.

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  • Facility Therapy Dogs

    Facility therapy dogs live with military staff members and provide therapeutic services to veterans and families being treated in military medical facilities across the nation. Ready to apply? Request an application here..

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  • Gold Star Family Dogs

    Well-trained Gold Star Family dogs offer loving companionship to military families who have lost a loved one in service to the nation, delivering comfort in the midst of difficult times. Ready to apply? Click here.

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