A Dog Named Mastro

The Mastro Family and Mastro Subaru have shared the love with Southeastern Guide Dogs since 2014, and through their last Share the Love event, have recently donated over $100,000! Thanks, Mastro! Through programs such as Subaru Share the Love, the Mastro’s matching donations, Walkathon sponsorships, and other caring gestures of generosity, Mastro makes an incredible difference for Southeastern Guide Dogs.

But here’s a story about one dog—a dog named Mastro (the second!), sponsored by the Mastro Subaru Superstore.

Matt is a young man who was adopted at age 2 from the Azores in Portugal, where his parents worked for the Air Force. His biological family did not have his medical records, and his vision loss went undetected for several years until they noticed something was wrong. Doctors discovered a tumor growing behind each eye, and that he was blind in his left eye since birth. Removing the tumor behind his right eye is risky, so Matt opted for radiation to stunt its growth.

Now a college student, Matt attends the University of West Florida where he majors in exceptional student education and had been using a cane to navigate his surroundings. But that all changed since he met Mastro, the playful, smart black Labrador guide dog that never leaves his side. “I’ve run into so many trees and poles on my college campus that I’m looking forward to having Mastro with me,” Matt said.  “I’m excited about my future with him.”

With help from Mastro Subaru and a sweet guide dog named Mastro, Matt’s future looks bright!

Your commitment to our dogs and the people who need them is critical – especially now. Because of COVID-19 postponements, we anticipate that the waiting list for one of our dogs will be greater than ever before. Your support today will bring hope to a veteran with a disability, a person with vision loss, or a child with a significant challenge. Make a difference—donate now.

Posted on April 14, 2020 | Category: Blog