A New Life with Lady

Allie’s First Guide Dog

Imagine losing your vision in high school. That was Allie Hummel’s reality. She shares about it in this video—and about the difference a guide dog named Lady makes.


Allie says she can’t imagine life without music. She started playing trumpet at age 12, and by high school, she earned the title of band captain of the marching band, jazz band, and concert band. She never let vision loss get in the way of pursuing her passion. “My band was my family,” Allie explains. “Someone was always there to guide me.”

Allie was born with Stargardt disease, an inherited form of macular degeneration. In 2018, a condition called uveitis caused her vision to fade even further. “It was very isolating,” she says. “I felt like my vision was slipping through my fingers, and I didn’t know how to cope.” Within a month, Allie lost what little vision she had left.

On her 18th birthday, Allie applied to Southeastern Guide Dogs for her first guide dog and was excited to be accepted. Dreaming about her new guide dog got her through some tough times in high school. Now she’s matched with a bubbly, cuddly yellow Lab named Lady and she couldn’t be happier. “To the puppy raisers and sponsors, I just want to say thank you,” Allie says. 

This bright and talented student plans to attend the University of North Florida to study music education, with Lady keeping tempo. “I’m going to have a friend wherever I go,” Allie says. “I’ll never be alone.” 

To all of our supporters, volunteers, puppy raisers, breeder hosts, Canine Camp hosts, and all of our other friends in the Southeastern Guide Dogs community, YOU make it possible for people like Allie to receive guide dogs like Lady, at no cost! YOU make it possible for Southeastern Guide Dogs to follow up with our guide dog and service dog teams for life with follow-up support including home visits. And for these working dogs, YOU and our partners make it possible for our alumni to receive high quality dog food, monthly preventatives, and annual veterinary care—again, at no cost. THANK YOU!

Posted on May 4, 2021 | Category: Blog, Our Dogs