Meet Ashley and service dog Sushi

service dog for Marines

Ashley kneels with service dog Sushi at the base of a tree.

Ashley Williams joined the United States Marine Corps and became an Aviation Communications Technician/Operator. She traveled around the world, from Japan to the Philippines, Thailand, Germany, Kyrghystan – and then Afghanistan.

“When I returned to the United States,” Ashley said, “I had a really hard time adjusting to civilian life and stayed in my house for a year – that wasn’t normal. Coming back took a toll on my personal and work life.” After serving six years, Ashley left the Marines, still struggling with adapting to life before the service.

After coming to Southeastern Guide Dogs, Ashley was paired with a cuddly yellow Labrador, a service dog named Sushi. “I was happy from the moment I walked in the door,” she said of our school. “Sushi is very calm and relaxed. He’s very nurturing and wants to make sure I’m okay.”

Ashley was active in the past, climbing mountains, riding horses, and hiking. She hopes Sushi will help her get out again, and become more social. She plans to pursue her associate degree, and she’s confident that Sushi will help her focus and feel safe in class. Ashley plans to work in healthcare or neuropsychology, and knows that Sushi will be a wonderful aid and companion.  

Posted on July 3, 2017 | Category: Blog