Beth and ambassador dog Fuzzy Rogers

Beth Glenn and ambassador dog Fuzzy Rogers

Beth stands with her black Labrador, Fuzzy Rogers

Fuzzy Rogers, a friendly, confident black Labrador, may have been destined to be a teacher. Named by the students of George Washington Carver Elementary School in Garland, Texas, he spent his formative years in the second grade where his puppy raiser, Laura Ledbetter, teaches.

Because of his incredible personality—he’s never met a stranger—Fuzzy Rogers is now working as a Southeastern Guide Dogs ambassador with one of the school’s top volunteers, retired teacher Beth Glenn. Fuzzy Rogers will be the star as Beth serves as a presenter and instructor at our campus activities, Creation of a Superhero and the Guide Dog Experience. Beth also volunteers as an educator for our Puppy Kindergarten Adventure, and has volunteered in many other capacities since 2010.

In addition to the ongoing Southeastern Guide Dogs events where Fuzzy will help Beth share our mission, she also plans to introduce Fuzzy to the community through therapy and educational work. They will visit local schools to introduce children to the world of service dogs and guide dogs. Fuzzy will earn his canine good citizen and his therapy dog certifications, and will accompany Beth to a pediatric rehabilitation clinic to work with children. They will visit hospice centers where Fuzzy’s calm, loving presence will comfort those in need. As Beth’s older ambassador dog, Dipaolo, retires, Fuzzy Rogers will follow in his paw-steps and will make an incredible difference to people who need a warm Fuzzy.

Posted on July 24, 2017 | Category: Blog