Meet Beth – Southeastern Guide Dogs Volunteer

Beth Glenn and Ambassador Dipaolo | Southeastern Guide Dogs volunteer

Beth wears her blue Southeastern Guide Dogs Volunteer shirt, and smiles while hugging her Ambassador dog Dipaolo, a black Labrador.

“First I hugged puppies and then I went to a graduation. I kept seeing these fluffy wonderful puppies and then looking at these magnificent guide dog teams and I could not imagine how you go from these puppies to these teams. So I signed up to volunteer.

Now I get to interact with the students. One of the students came in from training and they’d had a wonderful, positive route and things were improving. After she got in from the route, she told everybody how wonderful it was and she eased on down to the floor with her dog. And she hugged him and hugged him and told him how much she loved him.

She just buried herself into him and he squeezed into her; it was like they were one. It was the most amazing thing, and then she said, “We’re a team. We’re a team. As long as I have you, we’ll be free.”

I can still see her, I can see the dog. When you see it all together, that’s a team.”

Beth Glenn with Ambassador Dipaolo, Southeastern Guide Dogs Volunteer, Plant City, Florida

Beth Glenn and Ambassador Dipaolo | Southeastern Guide Dogs volunteer

Ambassador dog Dipaolo, a black Labrador, stands in front of his handler, Beth.

Posted on January 16, 2017 | Category: Blog