Meet Chad and guide dog Henry

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Chad Bagley & guide dog Henry

Sparta, Tennessee

pastor | blind man | Yellow Lab | guide dog

Chad stands with yellow Lab Henry in harness. The team stands in front of a gated door.

As a church pastor and father of three, Chad Bagley is accustomed to being a leader. But when an adverse reaction to medication caused unexpected vision loss about 12 years ago, Chad had to depend on others. “The biggest impact was not driving,” he explains. “But it impacts the everyday things, too. Sometimes people don’t realize how bad it is. ‘Are you going to shake my hand or not?’ they’ll say. People can get offended when you don’t see that hand.”

A few years ago, Chad’s vision worsened significantly. “That can be stressful, not knowing how far it will go,” he says. “I didn’t want to be a burden to family and friends. I’d rather be independent, so getting a guide dog was something that was really pressing.”

Working and playing with Henry, his friendly, fun-loving, and attentive new yellow Lab guide dog, has been a welcome relief. “Even though they are working dogs, they like to have fun,” he shares. “These dogs not only walk with you, they help release the tension and stress of the things we’re going through.” Chad looks forward to being able to take walks alone, knowing that his wife, Nicole, will feel comfortable now that he’s with Henry. And Henry will love his new family, including Nicole, their kids—ages 6, 9, and 18—and their 11-year-old beagle-terrier mix.

Henry was sponsored by the Northeast Richland Lions Club and named in honor of a wonderful young boy. As an infant, Henry experienced a medically-induced coma followed by a stroke, which resulted in blindness and developmental delays. Henry is loved and supported by amazing parents, family, and friends.

Do you know someone like Chad that could use a guide dog? Encourage them to apply today.

Posted on February 28, 2019 | Category: Blog