Meet Dawn and guide dog Danny

Dawn and guide dog Danny

Danny, a black and tan Labrador, gives Dawn, his handler, a big kiss on her cheek.

When Dawn Carello’s extended family gets together, the gathering includes at least ten guide dogs. “It’s like having a bunch of kindergarteners in the room,” she smiles. Dawn’s retinitis pigmentosa is hereditary, and in her family, “more people have it than don’t.”

A sweet and smart black and tan Labrador named Danny is Dawn’s first guide from Southeastern Guide Dogs, although she briefly tried three guides from other schools that didn’t work out. Last year she felt despondent about her attempts at getting a guide dog, until two friends strongly encouraged her to apply to Southeastern Guide Dogs.

Working with Danny has cheered her up. “Danny is the best I’ve ever had,” she shares. “Since I had been set back to cane status, I have not been able to visit my parents without a ride. There are some large streets in the area that are not safe to cross with a cane. I also miss going out for a long healthy walk with my husband; he has a guide dog and I can’t keep up with a cane.”

“With Danny, I find I am less introverted. I’m actually willing to talk to humans. And I find myself getting out more and exercising,” she says. “Your dog comes first, and that entails going for a nice healthy walk around town.”

After returning home to Chicago, Dawn continues to train people with disabilities to use Apple and Windows products, and she and Danny are more than ready to head out the door together.

“He’s the silliest goofball you can imagine. He’s extremely sweet and smart—scary smart—and he’s very obedient.”

Dawn Carello and guide dog Danny, Chicago, Illinois

Dawn and guide dog Danny

Dawn practices in downtown Tampa with guide dog Danny by her side, and a trainer close behind.

Posted on March 2, 2017 | Category: Blog