Meet Eberto and guide dog Max

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Eberto Torres & Guide Dog Max

Hialeah, Florida

A man stands next to a black Labrador in a guide dog harness. The team stands in shade on a sidewalk in front of water.

Eberto and his guide dog, Max, stand in front of water at Vinoy Park in St. Petersburg.

Eberto Torres’ entire life changed the day he mistook water in a quarry for a road. He drove trucks for a living, and one day accidentally tipped his truck over into a small body of water at the quarry where he worked. Eberto’s doctor immediately diagnosed him with retinal degeneration.

After many treatments over several years, Eberto’s doctor gave him the news that there was nothing left they could do to preserve his eyesight. It was a devastating blow for Eberto and his family, but they rallied together to try and help him. That’s when a friend suggested a guide dog.

Eberto and his family are excited about Eberto’s first guide dog, Max, a strong, happy, and loving black Lab. “Max is already my good friend. He’s helping me physically, but he’s helping me emotionally, too,” Eberto says. “Max is going to help my family, too, because we’ve been through some difficult times after I lost my job due to my eyesight.”

Eberto is excited that Max will help him cross the streets in his neighborhood and navigate more freely. “Max, he’s my eyes, thanks to God,” Eberto says. “It’s wonderful there are institutions like this to train dogs to help people like me. Everyone is so dedicated to our success, and they really make us feel at ease, like we are home.”

Sponsored by The Maxwell Thomas Bras Foundation, Max is named after Mark and Karen Bras’ son, Max.

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