Fall 2020 Magazine: “A Dog, I’m Not”

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Enjoy stories of lives transformed and fears diminished. Share the hope and light that only an extraordinary guide or service dog can offer.


  • Service dog Keith makes life better for Keni Thomas, survivor of the 18-hour firefight in Black Hawk Down.
  • Guide dog Micky makes all the difference for Valerie, teenage cancer survivor.
  • Silly puppy Buddy grows up to find a perfect match in blind comedian Kenneth E. Hughes.
  • And more!

Guide dogs are a lifeline to freedom and hope. They are best friends and secret keepers. They are givers of hugs and endless affection. They help people find the confidence they need to live their best life now. These dogs are family.

The waiting list for one of our dogs is growing, and your support today will change the world for someone who is hoping for a dog of their own. You can make a difference—donate now.

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Posted on November 23, 2020 | Category: Blog