'Tis the Season to be Careful | Poisonous Holiday Plants

Puppy and Christmas Lights

Lots of holiday decorations and plants could look like toys for a puppy. Be sure to be aware of a puppy’s surroundings this holiday season.

We live with poisonous plants and hazardous products all around us. However, during the holidays when decorations come alive, and friends and family leave us gifts, we need to be aware of the changes to which our puppies and dogs are exposed and tempted, as well as perhaps that gifted holiday plant in the living room.

Puppies will chew on just about anything, so be aware of strings, glues, new toys, wrapping fillers, and decorations. Keep a watchful eye on the holiday party platters left unattended or the garbage can that may be overflowing.

When making all those cookies, remember chocolate poisoning can cause seizures and heart failure. Time is of the essence; if a puppy is found eating any chocolate, get them immediately to the veterinarian. Dark chocolate is more toxic than milk chocolate, and white chocolate is the least toxic of them all.

The xylitol gum and other artificial sweeteners are tasty for dogs but will cause hypoglycemia.

Those silica drying packets that we find in new packages or use to ship packages can be obstructive or dehydrating if eaten by pups.

Glow jewelry is fun and attractive to puppies as well. These items may cause vomiting or diarrhea if pups are allowed to chew them open.

Common poisonous holiday plants include these:

  • Azaleas and rhododendrons can cause heart failure when dogs chew on the leaves.
  • Mistletoe is hallucinogenic and slows the heart, causing breathing difficulty, excessive bruising and bleeding.
  • Poinsettias may cause mouth irritation and ulcers (this plant’s effect is a bit overrated, but care should still be taken to avoid ingestion).

Enjoy everything that the holidays have to offer but realize that your dog will be just as eager to share in the festivities. Have a safe holiday and Happy New Year!

Posted on December 15, 2017 | Category: Blog