Five Reasons to Make This Homemade Dog Ice Cream

Dog Ice Cream

Knowing our dog-loving community, we don’t need a reason to make dog-friendly homemade ice cream. But just for fun, here are five reasons why—as well as the perfect recipe: Beat-the Heat Ice Cream Treat.

Reason #1: July is National Ice Cream Month. President Ronald Reagan said so when he signed it into public law on July 9, 1984 with Presidential Proclamation 5219. We’re sure he meant to include dogs!

#2: It’s hot outside. Temperatures here in Palmetto, Florida, are often in the 90s in July, so let’s give Pooch a cool treat to beat the heat.

#3: It’s healthier. When you choose simple, healthy ingredients, you avoid feeding your dog additives and other artificial ingredients, especially important for dogs with sensitivities or allergies.

#4: It’s cheaper. Simple, fewer ingredients cost less than the store-bought, prepackaged options.

#5: It’s satisfying. There’s something sweet about a labor of love for the animals we love enjoying the treats they love. Love, love, love!

Beat-the-Heat Ice Cream Treat

Try this cool recipe and let us know if your pooch gives it a paw of approval.

• 32 ounces of plain Greek yogurt
• 2 heaping tablespoons of all natural, no-sugar peanut butter (make sure it does not contain xylitol)
• 1 small sweet potato

Peel, cube, and boil the sweet potato for about 15 minutes in a small pot of boiling water. When soft, drain and allow to cool.

In a mixing bowl, combine all ingredients and mix using an electric mixer. (Or, mash sweet potatoes by hand first with a potato masher, then use a whisk to mix all ingredients.) Line a cupcake tin with 12 foil cupcake liners, or use individual silicone cupcake molds. Split the mixture evenly into the molds, cover with plastic wrap, and freeze until solid. To serve, remove foil liners and place individual treat in Pooch’s bowl. Or, serve directly from the silicone cupcake mold.  

Posted on July 19, 2017 | Category: Blog