How to Host a Breeder Dog

host a breeder dog

The Martin children sit on a bench with breeder dog Mary.

We rely on volunteers to host our breeder dogs in their homes. Our Labradors, golden retrievers, and goldador breeders make wonderful “petmates,” and hosts enjoy giving a fabulous dog a home in exchange for bringing the dog to our campus for reproductive purposes. And while our breeders are not service dogs and do not have public access rights, they are working dogs of the highest caliber.

The Martin family with breeder dog Mary

Our breeders include male and female dogs. Volunteer hosts agree to drop them off for daylong visits when needed, even with as little as a 24-hour notice. In addition, female dogs are brought to campus for medical exams during their two-month pregnancy, and remain on campus during whelping and until their puppies are weaned. Females can remain in our breeding program for up to four litters, and males typically have six-to-eight litters. On occasion, our breeders may temporarily relocate out of state to one of our partners within our breeding cooperative, although this isn’t the norm.

Breeder hosts must live within a 75-minute drive of our Palmetto campus. While Southeastern Guide Dogs provides all veterinary care on our campus, our hosts make a financial commitment to provide flea and tick preventatives, pre-approved food, a crate, collar, leash, and toys. Breeder hosts agree to keep the dog healthy and fit, and also commit to attending a few obedience classes each year.

Once the dog is no longer participating in our breeder program, the host family usually—but not always—adopts the breeder as their own pet. Hosting one of our breeders provides a wonderful service to our school, and also provides a healthy, beautiful dog that quickly becomes a beloved member of the family.

If you are interested in hosting a breeder for Southeastern Guide Dogs, visit our website at for more information. Read the frequently asked questions, and take a quick self-assessment to see if hosting is a good fit. Then, fill out the online application. It’s that simple!

Posted on June 21, 2017 | Category: Blog