Meet Jeremy and guide dog Legion

Jeremy and Legion | Southeastern Guide Dogs Graduate

Jeremy wears a blue and purple striped shirt and jeans while kneeling next to Legion, his black Lab.

When Jeremy Hall was born three months early, human error led to too much oxygen in the incubator resulting in total vision loss. He “hated” using a cane, so as a young man heading to college in 1993, he came to Southeastern Guide Dogs for his first guide dog, Reuben. Next came Rufus, then Watson, and now he’s met a happy black Labrador named Legion. Jeremy has relied on his dogs to help him navigate from Middle Tennessee State University and on to an IT career, and now Legion will accompany him back to his wife and young son in Sterling, Virginia.

Watson retired only four days before class began for Jeremy, so as he grieved for Watson, Legion’s affection was a welcome distraction. As a seasoned handler, Jeremy is impressed with Legion’s working skills.

Jeremy leads worship in his church, so all of his dogs have accompanied him as he sings and plays piano in front of crowds. “I’ve had mixed results in bringing a dog on the platform. Some people consider it a distraction, and for some people, it helps them worship.” Hall believes because it’s a service animal serving; it’s a perfect example of how each person serves.

“My first dog had been in so many church services that when you would say, ‘Let us pray,’ he would bend his head down and put his feet over his nose. And when you said, ‘Amen,’ he would put his feet right and lift his head up again. We didn’t teach him that, he just learned that.”

Jeremy says Legion really loves music. “When I played the keyboard on campus, he would walk over and put his head on my knees and drool. He was learning what I like, and I was learning what he likes.”

Jeremy Hall and his fourth guide dog, Legion, Sterling, Virginia

Jeremy and Legion | Southeastern Guide Dogs Graduate

Jeremy, wearing a red polo and blue jeans, waves to oncoming traffic as he crosses a bridge, with Legion and a trainer.

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