Meet John and guide dog J.C.

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Mackenzie Newman & guide dog John

Green Cove Springs, Florida

guide dog, yellow labrador

John sits on a chair with J.C. in front of him.

Lots of people are waiting to meet John, Mackenzie Newman’s first guide dog, including her grandfather, who is also named John, her parents and siblings, her physical and occupational therapists, and the family dog, a Jack Russel terrier named Virginia. “I want to get pictures of Virginia and John together,” Mackenzie says as she scrolls through her growing number of photos of her sweet, yellow Labrador.

This former Marine wasn’t about to let the curtains come down on his life, and with the encouragement of his wife of 42 years and his children, he applied for his first guide dog. John says he couldn’t be happier with J.C., a gentle, loving, and intelligent yellow Labrador. “It’s amazing how he stops me at the curb,” John says. Before getting J.C., John never felt comfortable with a cane. “I’ve stepped off sidewalks, I’ve walked into parked cars on my driveway, I’ve fallen in the grass, but now I can go for walks and feel safe.”

J.C. is a huge blessing for John, but he says the camaraderie of his fellow students and the trainers also mean the world to him. “I know that God had His hand in putting me here at Southeastern Guide Dogs, and God never disappoints,” John says.

Sponsored by the Georgia Puppy Raisers, J.C. is named for Jones County, Georgia, a family-friendly county that is full of history. The businesses and residents in the community have welcomed six guide dog puppies-in-training with open arms.

Do you know someone that could use a guide dog? Encourage them to apply today.

Posted on March 14, 2019 | Category: Blog