Lessons From a Third Grader

Third-grader Harper Thompson read about Bill Gates giving his money to medicine and research. Last summer, she and her family traveled from Texas to visit our campus, so recently when her teacher asked students to write a short essay on giving back to the community, Harper went big. $100 billion big. Here’s what she wrote. 

Harper and her family stand with a yellow lab puppy in-training“If I had 100 billion dollars, I would donate a lot of the money and not keep all of it for myself. I love dogs and my family volunteers for Southeastern Guide Dogs of Florida. The dogs are trained to help people who are blind. The dogs help the blind people walk since the dogs can see and the human cannot see. I would give Southeastern Guide Dogs money so that they can buy equipment to train the dogs. The money can also be used to help them be healthy by giving the dogs medicine and food. Some of the money could be used to construct buildings for the doggie dorms, puppy areas, play areas, work area, vet clinic and for the staff.

The dogs need crates too, so they do not get loose. Southeastern Guide Dogs also has vans that carry the dogs in them if they are going somewhere to train. They need money to buy vans and the vans need gas too. I love the doggies at Southeastern Guide Dogs and want to help them.”  

Harper, thanks for your generous spirit. Our mission depends on friends like you!

Your commitment to our dogs and the people who need them is critical – especially now. Because of COVID-19 postponements, we anticipate that the waiting list for one of our dogs will be greater than ever before. Your support today will bring hope to a veteran with a disability, a person with vision loss, or a child with a significant challenge. Make a difference—donate now.

Southeastern Guide Dogs

Posted on May 13, 2020 | Category: Blog