Meet Marianne – Southeastern Guide Dogs Breeder Host

Marianne | Southeastern Guide Dogs Breeder Host

Marianne kneels next to her breeder dog, Spammy, a black Labrador.

“We’re avid walkers; we walk everyday—rain, sun, clouds—we’re out every day and Spammy has been a real inspiration around the neighborhood because they know what her mission is. They all saw the pictures of the puppies, and there’s nothing better than a puppy!

We had previously rescued two Labradors but we feel like this mission is just wonderful. Thinking back to our previous Labs, with my sons as they were growing up, I think that as humans, we need animal contact. A dog in particular is such a wonderful animal because they are completely accepting. It doesn’t matter what happened at school that day, they completely accept you. So my sons really benefitted from our experience with our Labs. And now I have a grandson and it’s that same experience, because Spammy is just delightful with him.

On a personal note I’m battling glaucoma, and hosting a breeder is an opportunity for me to give back to someone else. I’m hopefully never going to face that issue of losing my sight, but this is an opportunity to give back ahead of time.”

Marianne Mackey-Smith and Southeastern Guide Dogs breeder, ABC Spammy

Posted on February 20, 2017 | Category: Blog, Breeders, Our Dogs