Meet Marsha and guide dog Jeevan

A woman wearing a denim jacket and jeans kneels next to a yellow Labrador in a guide dog harness.

Marsha kneels next to Jeevan on a sidewalk.

Marsha Keesee and guide dog Jeevan

Tavares, Florida

When Marsha Keesee lost her vision from retinitis pigmentosa, a friend suggested she consider a guide dog. Marsha assumed she couldn’t afford one, and was glad to discover that Southeastern Guide Dogs offered our dogs at no cost. She had recently retired her first guide, Eli, and now she’s met her second, an energetic and sensitive yellow Labrador named Jeevan.

“He amazes me,” she says. “When we are out working, he’s right on target. And he’s very gentle and loving.”

While losing her vision, Marsha worked as a registered nurse for 35 years. She tried to keep working as long as she could, but eventually retired because of her disability. Transportation was always one of her biggest challenges.

In her retirement, Marsha remains active by volunteering at her church, working out at the local YMCA, and taking walks in the neighborhood. With Jeevan leading the way, she plans to use public transportation more and not have to rely on other people as much for rides. Since she first became part of the Southeastern Guide Dogs family, Marsha has walked in many Walkathons, and her team has even raised enough funds to name a puppy!

Did you know we provide guide dogs to those who are visually impaired free of cost? If you know someone like Marsha that could use a guide or service dog, encourage them to apply today.

Posted on October 22, 2018 | Category: Blog