Meet Class #270

Class 270 poses on a side walk with their service dogs. The group consists of 4 men and 1 woman. There are 1 black Labrador, and 4 yellow Labradors.

Pictured left to right: Chris with service dog Tobias, trainer Kim Hyde, Keith with service dog Homer,  David with service dog Radar, trainer Katie Young, Gene with service dog Hedge, trainer Laska Parrow, and Kim with service dog Chevy

Congratulations Class 270!

We recently celebrated the graduation of Class 270. We are so proud of this inspiring group of Army, Navy, and Air Force veterans and their smart, lovable service dogs. We wish them all the best as they pursue a new season of success in life. Let’s meet the class!

Chris saw unspeakable things as an Air Force security first responder and as an Army combat medic. After retiring from 23 years of service, PTSD slipped quietly into his life, isolating him from family and friends. Now Tobias, a lovable yellow Lab service dog, gives him a new purpose and encourages him to enjoy life again.

Army veteran Keith, a retired LTC with multiple combat deployments, began living with multiple sclerosis and PTSD. This former Army Ranger wanted to be present for his wife and young children, as well as for the veterans he serves through volunteer work. Now his service dog Homer, a smart, calm yellow Lab, provides him with physical and emotional stability for a more active lifestyle and greater peace of mind.

David’s 21 years of service in the Army pushed him to his physical and mental limits, especially after he suffered a traumatic brain injury from an explosion in Afghanistan. While recovering from multiple surgeries, PTSD followed him home to his family. Refusing defeat, David’s new battle buddy, service dog Radar, is now by his side and helping him push forward.

During the 23 years Gene served in the Navy, he embedded with Army training combat troops in the fight against improvised explosive device threats. After retirement, the isolating effects of PTSD shrank his world, but now the constant, playful presence of his service dog Hedge will help Gene rejoin family activities.

Kimberly is a Navy veteran who spent her enlistment deployed on a submarine tender and recently celebrated her retirement from a federal job. Life’s struggles kept her from wanting to leave her house, but a lovable yellow Lab named Chevy is ready to go outside and enjoy life with her.

Congratulations on all of your hard work, Class 270, and thank you for your service to our country. Welcome to the Southeastern Guide Dogs family!

Posted on September 11, 2018 | Category: Blog, Graduates, Our Dogs