Mother’s Day with a Twist: Puppy Showers for New Dog Moms

Finn | Mothers Day | Puppy Showers

Breeder Finn smiles with a few of her puppies. Her Puppy Shower will be held after the puppies are weaned at six weeks old.

Every new mom deserves a baby shower, and our breeder moms are no exception. One of our traditions here at Southeastern Guide Dogs is to give the breeder’s family an opportunity to celebrate their momma-dog with a puppy shower!

Once the puppies are about seven weeks old and weaned, the mom is ready to go home to her family, our volunteer breeder hosts. Her parting is celebrated with a puppy shower, and the hosts can invite up to 10 special guests for this private event. Guests are welcome to bring “gifts” for the puppies: for example toys, puppy shampoo, or even replacement donations of old sheets and towels used during whelping. The puppy shower is usually held on a Sunday afternoon, typically a quiet time on our campus. Guests enjoy a personal puppy-hugging session with the new “babies,” and the momma-dog loves being together with her family again.

Our volunteer breeder hosts are a rare breed of caring individuals and families. They provide a loving home to our breeders and transport them to and from campus for reproductive purposes. Having a puppy shower for the new mom, her puppies, and her human family is a joyful occasion, something that breeder hosts love to share with their friends. Thanks, breeder hosts, for all that you do!

Posted on May 10, 2017 | Category: Blog