It’s National Guide Dog Month

Have you ever wondered how an adorable puppy becomes a remarkable guide dog?  It takes special hands-on training that starts just days after our pups are born.

Our four-legged superheroes help people with vision loss live life to the fullest. In honor of National Guide Dog Month, watch as these tiny pups blossom and leave an indelible paw print on every life that they touch.

Guide dogs are a lifeline to freedom and hope. They are best friends and secret keepers. They are givers of hugs and endless affection. They help people find the confidence they need to live their best life now. These dogs are family.

The waiting list for one of our dogs is growing, and your support today will change the world for someone who is hoping for a dog of their own. You can make a difference—donate now.

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Posted on September 21, 2020 | Category: Blog