Puppy Education: Let the Learning Begin!

Puppy Kindergarten Adventure participants work with our puppies on their “health class” curriculum, working on a mock vet exam.

Our puppies learn from the moment they’re born. At just a few days old, our puppies are tickled and stretched. At four weeks, preschool introduces sights, sounds, motion, and tactile surfaces. At six weeks, kindergarten builds confidence through problem-solving exercises, commands, and play-with-a-purpose. Tails are wagging and they’re having fun, while we’re building confidence, coordination, and competence. Every interaction is designed to create a learning library in their developing brains. Smart puppies get smarter—and well socialized! Here’s a look at our multi-sensory puppy kindergarten curriculum:

  • Tactile Touch: ears, tails, belly lift, mouth touch, paws, baby harness (baby bib), circular massage, whole body massage
  • Health class – mock vet exam: stethoscope (chest & tummy), paw massage, ear exam (lift, massage, tickle), simulated puppy shot (Q-tip to shoulders, hips)
  • Music time: maracas, kazoos, tambourine, bells, hand clapping
  • ABC’s – obedience: follow this, around-the-cone, sit, down, follow me
  • Dress up: teachers interact wearing sunglasses, hoodie, coat, hat, fur piece, canes, umbrella, fake facial hair
  • Physical Education – underfootings: grate, carpet, tile, suspension bridge, saucers, 17-surface Puppy Trail
  • Movement – teachers interact with pinwheels, toy cars and trucks, umbrella, tricycle, wagon ride
  • Brain games – multisensory problem solving: adventure box, mazes, puzzle toys
  • Five senses – multisensory interactions with scent, sight, sound, taste, touch

Puppy Kindergarten Adventure

Participants help create positive memories for our puppies, starting at a young age.

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