Meet Rob and guide dog Clarence

Graduate Rob and new guide dog Clarence

Rob stands with his yellow Labrador, Clarence, next to water. Clarence is Rob’s first guide dog.

Rob Morgan was only six when diagnosed with retinitis pigmentosa. As his vision loss progressed, he became proficient traveling with a cane. After losing his pet collie, he researched guide dogs and came across the Southeastern Guide Dogs website, leading him to a lovable yellow Labrador named Clarence, his first guide dog.

“He’s absolutely totally great!” Rob says. “He’s got my back every move. A white cane is a wonderful travel option, but I think the dog is a lot better. A cane only picks up to waist level, but he picks up everything!”

“I was asked, ‘are you comfortable placing your life in the paws of a dog?’ Well, I put my life in the hands of a piece of plastic! Think about it—now I get two brains, four eyes, two bodies—you can’t go wrong. Plus, you get a furry little buddy so you’re never alone.”

Back home in Lincoln, Nebraska, Rob takes many walks with Clarence. Meanwhile, working with Clarence has taught Rob to be a better communicator. After learning to use more voice inflection for commands and praise, Rob noticed an improvement in his communication skills. And with all of the attention that Clarence brings, Rob has also noticed a huge increase in social interactions.

Graduate Rob and new guide dog Clarence

Rob praises Clarence during routes around campus.

Posted on May 4, 2017 | Category: Blog