Meet Robert and guide dog Obie

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Doc stands with guide dog, Obie, by his side. The team stands in front of a beautiful garden surrounded by a white picket fence.

Robert “Doc” Simich & guide dog Obie

Dunedin, Florida

yellow Labrador, dog, blind, guide dog, man

Obie, a yellow Labrador lays at Doc’s feet.

Doc Simich lost his vision to macular degeneration, which meant losing three things this 88-year-old retired physician loved: reading, his practice, and driving. But now a “very smart, quick, and solid” yellow Labrador named Obie offers a new lease on life.

Over 56 years as an osteopathic physician and surgeon, Doc led a colorful life that included rural doctoring in his native Michigan, running emergency rooms and urgent care clinics in Hawaii, and traveling the world as a cruise ship doctor until just five years ago. He is one of few surviving veterans who served in three wars—World War II, Korea and Vietnam—rising from an Army buck private to full colonel. If he hadn’t been rejected for being “too old,” Doc would have volunteered for the first Gulf War, too.

At home in Dunedin with his wife, Roberta, Doc will enjoy walks with Obie, who he describes as “well trained to communicate with me and very thorough. He’s like a little old man and a good match for me.” They’ll have fun keeping up with Doc’s six children, seven grandchildren, eleven great-grandchildren and five great-great-grandchildren!

Do you know anyone like Doc that could use a guide dog? Encourage them to apply today.

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