Seven Tips to Photographing Your Dog

Kaila - Photographing your dog

Kaila, our staff photographer, lays on the ground to take photos of a puppy

Kaila, our staff photographer, takes more pictures of dogs each month than most people take in a lifetime. Each of our 250+ puppies born on campus “poses” for a portrait at six weeks old, and then again at about 16 months when they arrive back on campus for formal training. Kaila takes candids and official photos of students and dogs in class, often accompanying the class on their training excursions. When we need cute puppy and dog pictures for our calendars, graduation invitations, newsletters, greeting cards, and more, Kaila’s ready with camera in tow. How does she get such great pictures? Here are her top tips, just for you.

Kaila - Photographing your dog

A yellow Labrador puppy sits in front of our photographer’s camera.

  1. Get down on the dog’s level. When Kaila takes puppy pics, she lies flat on her stomach and holds the camera with elbows on the ground.
  2. Bring a helper. A staff member or volunteer helps corral puppies and dogs into place as Kaila readies for the shot.
  3. Treat with treats. Having treats on hand will lure the puppy into position and reward him for sitting nicely.
  4. Use a squeaky toy. When you’re ready for the photo and you want the dog to look right at the camera, squeak the toy, start snapping, and get ready for lots of love.
  5. Bring a lens cleaner. While snapping close-ups, you and your camera lens will probably get kissed by a wet-tongued puppy, so be prepared for clean-up.
  6. Dig deep for patience. Dogs can be unpredictable—especially younger ones—so keep your patience and you’ll soon get the perfect pic.
  7. Take lots! The more photos you snap, the higher the chances that you’ve captured a picture-perfect photo.
Posted on August 15, 2017 | Category: Blog