Meet Shauna and guide dog PJ


Shauna English and guide dog PJ

Lakeland, Florida

A woman sits on a step with her yellow Labrador guide dog at her side.

Shauna sits on a step with PJ at her side.

One Memorial Day weekend, Shauna English lost her vision in one eye from a stroke in her optic nerves, and two weeks later the other eye was affected. The next Memorial Day weekend, a year later, she woke up with massive headaches and ended up losing an eye to glaucoma. After repeatedly hearing a public service announcement for Southeastern Guide Dogs, she finally decided to apply. Shauna’s life has never been the same since meeting her guide dog, PJ.

Now Shauna has met PJ, a yellow Labrador and “the most loving, precious thing.” Shauna’s goal is to learn adaptive computer equipment and get back into the workforce, and she’s thrilled to have PJ by her side.

“I was looking not just for a companion but for someone that could help me through my life. We’re so in tune; she just knows. I had an anxiety attack the other day and she just put her head in my lap until I calmed down. It’s amazing how much she means to me in such a short time. I’m in love. I joke that I came looking for my soul mate, but I found my heartbeat.”

This sweet yellow Labrador’s many Facebook fans receive regular updates, which Shauna always signs with, “Blessed to have a P.J.”

Posted on July 20, 2017 | Category: Blog, Graduates, Video