Meet Sherry and guide dog Huntly

Sherry and guide dog Huntly | Grave’s disease | multiple sclerosis

Sherry stands with her guide dog, Huntly, in front of a fountain.

Sherry George and guide dog Huntly

Port Orange, Florida

Sherry George is an active wife, mother of two, and grandmother of three who enjoys staying fit and socializing at her community clubhouse. Years ago, she was diagnosed with Grave’s disease, a type of hyperthyroidism associated with inflammation of the eyes. When multiple sclerosis, or MS, entered the picture, the two conditions destroyed her optic nerves.

Like many of her peers with vision loss, Sherry misses driving the most which has limited her independence. She misses playing golf and simply being able to go out shopping or running errands without help. But now that she’s been matched with a sweet and happy black Labrador named Huntley, she gets emotional when sharing about the freedom she enjoys with her first guide dog.

“She’s awesome,” Sherry says of Huntley, tears welling in her eyes. “It’s amazing what these dogs can do, and the way she helps me, it is just a miracle! I can walk with her from my house to our clubhouse, and I can take her with me to the fitness room without having to take my husband every time. He loves to play golf, so he gets to do that and not have to worry about me.” Then she adds, “All of the dogs are so obedient and so true to us—this has been absolutely amazing!”

Posted on August 27, 2018 | Category: Blog