Meet Suzy and guide dog Betty

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Suzy Wilson & guide dog Betty

Starke, Florida

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Suzy stands with her guide dog Betty in front of a banyan tree

Suzy Wilson found what she was looking for in her new guide dog, Betty. “I call her my little red Corvette,” says Suzy, referring to Betty’s fast pace. “Our first walk together was an awesome feeling, and we clicked right off the bat.”

Betty, a sweet and playful yellow Labrador, is Suzy’s third guide dog and is perfectly suited for her. “She’s really good in harness,” says Suzy. “She’s got the right amount of pull to propel us forward.”

With just 10 percent vision in her left eye and none in her right due to a congenital birth defect, having a guide dog helps Suzy maintain her autonomy. Her parents always wanted her to feel independent, and she was 20 years old before she realized how bad her vision was or thought about using a cane. But with the cane, she quickly noticed its limitations. On uneven terrain it can get stuck, causing the tip to jab Suzy in the ribs or stomach. “A cane helps you find the obstacles,” she says, “but it doesn’t help you get around them.”

Suzy is excited to have Betty by her side at her part-time job as a greeter at her local Walmart and when she travels with friends. “I’m so honored to have her as my guide dog; she’s really surpassed all of my expectations,” says Suzy.

Betty is named by the Estate of Alan C. Moore in memory of Alan’s beautiful, fun-loving, smart, and hardworking wife, Elizabeth Reeves “Betty” Martin Moore. Betty and Alan’s post-war romance lasted a lifetime and their love for each other was rare, enduring, uncompromising, and adoring. Together they traveled the world and were always there to support one another, just as Betty will do for Suzy.

Do you know someone that could use a guide dog? Encourage them to apply today.

Posted on April 1, 2019 | Category: Blog