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In The News | June-July 2022

Puppies with a Purpose at Southeastern Guide Dogs ABC7 | Discovering the Suncoast ABC7’s Mike Modrick features Southeastern Guide Dogs on his recent episode of “Discovering the Suncoast.” Watch Mike play with puppies and learn what it takes to become a guide dog here on ABC7.       “Beyond the Dark” program shows guests...

Lessons from my Service Dog, Blue

After four years together with Blue, I still marvel at our relationship. It is too trite to say we are simply companions; it is much more profound. There is a depth to his gaze that is hard to fathom. He is not merely looking at me but radiates a sense of calm. And in that...

Create Your Will—FOR FREE!

Convenient and Free! Create your Will at Here’s an excellent goal you can check off your list with ease, and while you are at it, you can protect the people and pets you love most—at no cost. You can now write your legally-valid will online with a convenient tool called It’s free! Southeastern...

A women kneels and smiles with two yellow labs

Behind the Scenes: Creating Dogs of Destiny

Jen Noble is an Emmy® Award-winning video storyteller, and the producer of the premiere episode of Dogs of Destiny, a new web series that dives into the many stories surrounding the dogs of Southeastern Guide Dogs, and the humans lucky enough to raise, train, and interact with them in real life. We wanted to get...

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Yellow lab momma dog lays in grass with her four puppies eating

Today’s Pups, Tomorrow’s Superheroes

Velvet’s Pregnancy Journey Today’s newest guide and service dogs got their start over two years ago—before they were born—when their parents were hand-picked by our genetics and reproduction experts. If you missed our Friday Facebook Live series featuring one of our breeders, you can still watch momma Velvet’s journey from her “puppies-on-board” pregnancy confirmation to…

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Bonita’s Pregnancy Journey

Follow along as our breeder mom, Bonita, experiences her pregnancy journey. We will take you from our “puppies on board” reveal to little balls of fur. Enjoy this collection of fun and informative videos from our Facebook LIVE. New videos added every few weeks until her puppies leave with their puppy raisers!

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160 Eyes, 80 Dogs, 1 Caring Veterinary Ophthalmologist

Dr. Tom Miller came to our campus recently to examine the eyes of  80 of our active and retired breeders. Our breeders get eye exams each year since many eye conditions can develop as dogs age. Normally, we are able to participate in the annual ACVO National Service Dog Eye Exam Event in May which…

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