Take Home a Puppy Today

Take home a puppy

Stephanie Campos and her roommate walk with guide dog puppy Petey on the USF St. Pete Campus. [Pictured: Two young girls walk down a sidewalk with a yellow Labrador puppy.]

Participants in our Puppy Kindergarten Adventure often fall in love with our puppies and tease, “I’m taking you home with me!” while staff members tease back, “Check their pockets before they leave!”

But did you know that you really can take home a puppy? All you have to do is join us as a volunteer puppy raiser, co-raiser, or puppy sitter. There’s just small catch: eventually, you have to bring the puppy back to us. Our puppy raisers are mission-minded dog lovers who believe, “I may love this puppy, but someone else needs this puppy.”

As a volunteer puppy raiser, you’ll combine the joy of a warm puppy with the tender power of its life-changing mission, and you’ll love making a difference. You’ll take home one of our tiny superheroes and help them grow. For just over a year, you’ll teach basic obedience and house manners, and take a pup along on your everyday travels.

No experience needed—all you need is love! You don’t have to be a perfect puppy raiser to be the right one. We’ll teach you everything you need to know. We surround you with a supportive team and teach you how to raise a future guide or service dog. You’ll learn new skills and make new friends at your local puppy raising group. You’ll meet twice a month to practice with caring people and gorgeous puppies. You’ll help us create extraordinary dogs that transform lives.

Not sure full-time raising is for you? Share the love! You can also co-raise a puppy or volunteer as a puppy sitter. Co-raisers raise a puppy with a friend, neighbor, or another raiser, and puppy sitters fill in when raisers travel or need a helping hand. As a co-raiser or puppy sitter, we’ll equip you as you step up for short-term fun. And puppy kisses.

If you live near one of our established puppy raiser groups located throughout Florida as well as select cities in the southeast and Texas, you can do it! Singles, families, working professionals, retirees, college students—our puppy raisers come in all flavors. With the same access rights as service dogs, pups can go with you to most places. With permission, many employers allow raisers to take puppies to work, too. Raising a puppy is a noble way to teach kids to give back and help older students earn community service hours and build an impressive resume.

Raise a puppy, all you need is love!

Posted on October 11, 2017 | Category: Blog