Meet Teri and service dog Spencer

Air Force Veteran, Military Veteran, PTSD, Service dog

Teri sits with Spencer on a bench and the two are smiling at the camera.

Teri Tope & Service Dog Spencer

Sandyville, Ohio

Years ago, Teri Tope’s therapist recommended that she get a service dog but Teri decided against it. Then after a few more “meltdowns and episodes,” she decided it was time. Now that she’s met her service dog, a handsome, “quirky” black Labrador named Spencer, she says, “I want to kick myself for waiting so long!”

“I don’t go places and I don’t do a lot of things,” this former Air Force aircraft mechanic explains. Back home in Sandyville, Ohio, her post-traumatic stress disorder keeps her isolated, anxious, and tense, so she chooses to live a considerable distance from her daughter and grandchildren. “I figured I’d be alone for the rest of my life, and Spencer has filled that unconditional love void, outside of my family.”

During class with Spencer, Teri quickly experienced the difference her new dog makes. “I noticed my racing thoughts and my anxiety level has rescinded quite a bit. Before I was always tense and uptight, anticipating the worst. With him around I can actually feel the happiness. I don’t feel defenseless or fearful. I’m not afraid of it being just him and me now.”

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Posted on March 1, 2019 | Category: Blog