Meet Tim Jaeger, Superheroes on Parade Artist

Superheroes on Parade artist

Tim Jaeger, artist, with Superheroes on Parade sculpture “Flap Jack”, sponsored by First Watch

“I’m a Ringling graduate and I work at the college now. My paintings are very expressionistic, full of color and splatters and mark-making, and I wanted that style to be reflected in my sculpture. I wanted it to have an element of humor, as well. I thought that the subject matter—the restaurant and the dog—was a really nice marriage of ideas.

But paintings are not just about paint, and this is not just about the dog. I think that the one word that really comes to mind is ‘independence’. It’s the sense of independence and courage that the mission of Southeastern Guide Dogs offers, and through these creative partnerships, a greater sense of understanding of the mission is formed.”

Be sure to view the First Watch Superheroes on Parade Sarasota puppy designed by Tim. This year’s sculpture is named Shortstack.

Posted on July 31, 2017 | Category: Blog