Meet Tom and guide dog Jonesy

[Video description for our community of people with vision loss: This video was shot outside of our Student Center on the Southeastern Guide Dogs campus. The video goes back and forth between shots of Tom sitting on a bench and petting Jonesy, a yellow goldador, and images of Tom speaking directly to the camera. The video ends with an image of Jonesy’s tail wagging and the Southeastern Guide Dogs logo appearing on the screen.]

Tom Clary and guide dog Jonesy

Arlington, Tennessee

Tom Clary and guide dog Jonesy

Tom sits at a picnic table and Jonesy sits by his side.

Since 1989, persistent health problems have meant medical retirement for Tom Clary. Diabetes destroyed his eyesight, kidney, and pancreas functions, necessitating three transplant surgeries. Currently, Tom is on an insulin pump but says “other than that, I am doing darn good. I’m waking up every morning!” With vision loss he’s gained greater awareness and appreciation of “making the best of what is” and the importance of little things, such as eating well.

Tom is a cheerful and easygoing man with a big heart. After a series of different jobs, he’s spent the past 23 years volunteering at a college in Memphis, heading up the laundry services in the athletic department.

As soon as he met Jonesy, the yellow goldador that is his second guide from Southeastern Guide Dogs, Tom felt he was in good hands. Jonesy is “very sensitive and loving” and, Tom points out, a lot like the woman that he dates. His previous dog, Tahoe, retired recently and is now living with his brother’s family. Tahoe has slowed down over the past year or so, but Tom still likes to keep moving. Tom and Jonesy like to talk, play, walk the track together, and just enjoy being with each other.  

Posted on April 6, 2018 | Category: Blog