Our Top 10 Puppy Names

a black lab puppy lays in a room surrounded by colorful toys

The Top 10 Puppy Names at Southeastern Guide Dogs

Ever wonder how our dogs get their names? Many puppies are named by generous sponsors who put their heart and soul into coming up with a name that has very personal or special meaning. Some puppy raisers, puppy raiser groups, and others participate in our Walkathons, with a fundraising goal that aims to sponsor and name a puppy.

Our Greatest Hits

Here are our top 10 requested sponsored puppy names:

  1. Maggie
  2. Charlie (& Charley)
  3. Buddy
  4. Liberty
  5. Jake
  6. Annie
  7. Lucy
  8. Faith
  9. Angel
  10. Penny

Fun Facts:

  • There has been a puppy name that starts with every letter of the alphabet. 
  • The least used letter to start a name has been “X” (which has been used 14 times).
  • The longest name was Sir Maverick of Monaco

Freedom Came First

The first Southeastern Guide Dog was a male black Lab named Freedom. Freedom became a breeder who sired many pups. There is a plaque and rock dedicated to him on our campus, and our front-drive is named Freedom Way in his honor.  

Interested in Naming a Pup?

We are so thankful for our naming sponsors! Your $5,000 sponsorship donation helps us care for our priceless puppies. It helps us operate our home for superheroes, supporting their journey from puppy to world-class guide or service dog. If you’re interested in naming a puppy, find out more here: https://www.guidedogs.org/support/nameapuppy/ 

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