Training Tip: “Busy Busy” Command

We’re all busy, but “busy” takes on a whole new meaning at Southeastern Guide Dogs. Puppy raisers train young pups to relieve themselves on demand, using the command, “busy busy!” But how do they train the pup?

Our puppy raisers begin relief training right away, using the command, “busy busy.” Raisers take the puppy outside frequently—after playtime, eating, drinking, and naps—and always on leash. Raisers speak the command, “busy” or “busy busy!” just as puppy begins to go. Once puppy finishes, raisers shower puppy with attention, praise, and positive reinforcement, saying, “Good busy! Good busy!” in a happy voice. As puppies grow older and show more control, raisers establish a “busy” schedule as well as watch for body language, repeating the command coupled with positive reinforcement.

Posted on August 8, 2017 | Category: Blog