Why Choose Southeastern Guide Dogs for your Next Guide or Service Dog

Why Choose Southeastern Guide Dogs

We’ve heard our students say too many times to count, “I wish I hadn’t waited so long!”.

If you or someone you know is thinking about applying for a guide dog or service dog, choosing the right training school is a big decision. We’ve listed five top reasons to choose Southeastern Guide Dogs, and these don’t include the fact that all our dogs and services are provided at absolutely no cost. Because of the generosity of our friends, our dogs are a gift.

Here’s why Southeastern Guide Dogs is an excellent choice:

  1. Top dogs. With a top-of-the line breeding program driven by a data-driven, scientific breeding strategy and a leadership role in an expansive breeding cooperative, our Genetics & Reproduction Department is creating smarter, healthier dogs with higher intelligence, lower incidences of health issues, and more suitable temperaments for working and wanting to please.
  2. Top trainers. Our certified trainers teach our dogs and our students using only positive reinforcement, creating an extraordinarily positive experience. With a three-year apprenticeship program and incredible role models to learn from, our trainers are exemplary. When asked, “Are you a people person or a dog person,” they always answer, “Both.”
  3. Family atmosphere. Our students and alumni become part of the Southeastern Guide Dogs family. Students share how much they feel cared for by everyone they come in contact with during their stay on campus, including staff and volunteers. Once students leave as graduates, we provide follow-up and support for the life of the team, and we’re here for you when the time comes for a successor dog. Many graduates return each year for our Walkathon events, and this year we’re hosting an Alumni Family Reunion.
  4. Beautiful, comfortable accommodations. Our brand-new Student Center dorm rooms surround you with a private, comfortable, and lovely space to call home, and our students rave about our chefs’ cooking. Because of the generosity of donors including Rooms to Go, a Florida furniture company, we were able to equip our student rooms, lecture hall, and lounge areas with designer-worthy furnishings. (Wait until you see the rain shower!)
  5. “Beyond expectations.” We interview every student that comes through our doors, and we wish we kept tabs on how many times we heard someone say, “beyond my expectations!”. The overall experience of our 21-day class (for guide dogs) and 12-day class (for service dogs) continues to exceed expectations, and our 99% student satisfaction rate says it all.

What are you waiting for? Apply today for your guide dog or service dog.

Posted on March 14, 2017 | Category: Blog