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When you register for one of our dog-gone-delightful campus activities, you’ll enjoy an insider’s experience. We combine learning with four-legged fun!

Reserve your spot for one of these campus activities:

  • Puppy Kindergarten Adventure


    “Teacher’s pet” takes on a whole new meaning as you help educate our puppies. Limited to 7 guests, required ages 6 and up.

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  • Creation of a Superhero


    Discover what it takes to transform puppies into highly trained working dogs. Hear from a graduate and their guide, and enjoy a multimedia presentation. Small and large groups welcome.

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  • Dog Training Classes


    You can teach an old dog a new trick, especially with the help of our expert dog trainers. We offer a variety of group and private training classes, and you’ll love the results. Join one of our six week classes today.

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