Welcome to the Creation of a Superhero.

Discover what it takes to transform tiny puppies into magnificent, impeccably trained guide and service dogs.


This informative, multimedia presentation begins with an educational talk about what it takes to create our guide dogs for the visually impaired and service dogs for veterans living with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

For just $10.00 per person (which helps us buy puppy food), you’ll learn about the fascinating steps our dogs take from puppyhood to adulthood, how we train them, and how we match them with those in need of freedom and confidence.

You’ll be inspired as you hear from one of our graduates about what a difference a dog makes.

Held in our Student Center, the Creation of a Superhero can accommodate small and large groups.

Note: Due to construction and parking limitations, we will resume additional Creation of a Superhero events in January 2019. Check back soon!

You can help create a superhero

Our guide dogs and service dogs offer independence, freedom, and confidence to people with vision loss and veterans with disabilities. Our dogs and services are offered at no cost, and we’d love to share more about what it takes to create these extraordinary dogs.

Register today and explore how you can help transform tiny puppies into superheroes.