Education and Play with a Purpose

You’ll have a blast as you help puppies reach their powerful potential. At Southeastern Guide Dogs, our puppies are born for a heroic destiny. Some day, they’ll be freedom, confidence, and independence for the visually impaired and for veterans living with post-traumatic stress. And it all starts when they’re very, very young.

We take puppy education seriously. And it’s seriously fun, too!

Superhero puppies begin their journey in preschool and kindergarten. Now, you can join us on the adventure!

Puppies’ tails are wagging while we’re building stronger neural pathways and creating confidence, coordination, and competence. Puppy kindergarten fills puppy memory banks with the multisensory magic of shapes, colors, textures, scents, sounds, motion, surfaces…plus adventure, love, and happiness.

Puppy education prepares them for their important future as a superhero guide dog, service dog, therapy dog, or breeder. And you can help. Join us for our Puppy Kindergarten Adventure, where every puppy has a purpose and learning is exciting.

You become the Puppy Kindergarten teacher as you enjoy:

  • An intimate experience including plenty of puppy interaction.
  • Small class sizes limited to seven guests for more hands-on opportunities.
  • An educational adventure as you discover the career paths of our dogs and what it takes to create superhero guide, service, and facility therapy dogs.
  • Detailed guidance on how to teach our puppies the fundamentals of their daily classroom lessons, a critical part of their early career training.
  • Hands-on puppy interaction as you teach puppies through enjoyable, multisensory education with sounds, visuals, toys, movements, and tail-wagging fun.
  • An opportunity to interact, observe, and assess puppy behavior and body language.
  • A certificate demonstrating your success as a puppy kindergarten teacher.
  • The satisfaction of making a difference.

You will love being the teacher for our Puppy Kindergarten Adventure! And the $25/person registration fee helps purchase puppy food and vaccinations, supporting a vital part of our mission. We do require children to be ages 6 and up to participate in this event. Children must be accompanied by a paid adult.

Reservations can be made on the calendar below.  Click to your desired month and make your reservations for any open dates.

***Please park in the main parking lot and meet in the lobby of the Student Center at 10:15 am. Please do not go to the Puppy Academy unaccompanied.***


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