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Training a superhero takes time, care, and people like you. You can still double your donation through our Canine Care Challenge in support of dogs now training at Canine University. Watch our “college” dogs in this fun video, then double your impact. Help them reach their destiny!

Double your donation through our Canine Care Challenge

This week only, your gift will be matched up to $275,000!


Our dogs provide freedom, confidence, and hope for people who cannot see, for veterans who have seen too much, and for children facing significant challenges.

Your gift supports our Canine University dogs with loving care, enrichment, food, supplies, vaccinations, preventatives, toys, puzzles, leashes, beds, bowls, and all of the other items needed by our superheroes-in-training. And thanks to the match offered by our Canine Care Council, your gift will go twice as far. Thank you!