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Beyond the Dark

Come experience darkness in a whole new light. See how our dogs take people with vision loss and veterans with disabilities beyond the dark to a world of hope.

Unseen Worlds

Journey beyond sight in a virtual-reality park. Hear from a graduate and walk while holding the harness of a skilled guide dog in this exclusive, interactive event.

Campus Tours

Step behind closed doors and witness how puppies transform into highly skilled working dogs. From our Puppy Academy to Canine University and more, experience the magic.

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Dogs of Destiny

Laugh, cry, and fall in love with the extraordinary dogs that give hope to the people who need them.

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Video Library

Meet graduates who turned heartbreak into hope after being matched with one of our extraordinary dogs.

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The Dog Blog

Meet our graduating classes, see our dogs, learn what’s new, and stay in touch by visiting our blog.

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Life Unleashed

See how your support is making a difference. Explore powerful, emotional stories and photographs showcasing our graduates and the dogs by their sides.

Side by Side

Celebrate the people and their superhero dog partners who have recently graduated from our school—there’s no better way to see the full impact your support is having throughout the United States.

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Press Room

Writing an article or shooting a news story? Come this way…

What's better than #GivingTuesday? GIVING TWOSDAY!

When you donate today on our Southeastern Guide Dogs website, it will be auto-magically doubled thanks to the generosity of the Patten Family Foundation. That means every dollar goes twice as far to give hope and help to even more people with vision loss, veterans with disabilities, and children facing significant challenges.

Thanks x2 for your continued support! Donate today at

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This #CyberMonday, remember to shop Southeastern Guide Dogs! Your purchase supports our mission. We have everything from t-shirts, crew necks, and hoodies to backpacks, mugs, and much more. If you are looking for a perfect holiday gift, look no further! Shop now at ...

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Sweet dreams are made of treats. #SundaySnuggles

Today's #SundaySnuggles is brought to you by @clearchanneloutdoor, one of our Independence level Walkathon 2022 sponsors.

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Do you use Amazon Smile to support your favorite charities? It’s completely free of charge and donates a portion of every Amazon purchase you make to the charity of your choice.

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3. Order from Amazon knowing that a part of your purchase helps support our dogs and the people who really need them.

We wish you the very best holiday season—and thanks for all the help!

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We love happy, full little puppy bellies—especially this one. We hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving dinner as much as he did. Happy Thanksgiving from our pack to yours.
-Your friends at Southeastern Guide Dogs

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Wayne Giles lost his vision many years ago and recently received his fourth guide dog from our school. Two years ago, Wayne’s wife decided to sponsor a puppy for her niece Delaney’s birthday. She chose puppy Elsa because Delaney loves the movie Frozen. Delaney loved following Elsa’s progress from Puppy Kindergarten to puppy raising to Canine University and graduation. When Delaney got Elsa’s final Pupdate in the mail, she shouted, “That’s my Uncle Wayne!” There inside her Pupdate was a smiling Wayne with his fourth guide dog, Elsa! Read more in the letter Wayne recently wrote to Southeastern Guide Dogs. ...

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Have you had your cuddles today? Here’s some sweet inspiration.

Today's #SundaySnuggles is brought to you by the @bradentonherald, one of our Independence level Walkathon 2022 sponsors.

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Meet Leia! #SEGuideDogs #GuideDogPuppy ...

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Before our dogs can become fully-fledged guide or service dogs, they first need to grow up a tad. Did you know our puppies spend the first year of their lives with volunteer puppy raisers? On today’s Facebook Live you'll meet two seasoned puppy raisers, find out more about puppy raising and “co-raising” with a friend, and share the excitement as they pick up their new pup! Join us at 1:00 p.m. EST along with 10-time raiser Jenni Scamardo, 6-time raiser Meghan Watson, and one cuddly puppy! ...

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Can you envision a visit to the park—without sight? Or a walk with a trained guide dog—while blindfolded? Now you can, thanks to an innovative, interactive experience at our Palmetto, Florida campus. You’ll walk away with insights into how our extraordinary dogs help people discover hope beyond sight. Reserve your spot today. ...

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When @petsupermarket lends a paw, they LEND A PAW! Here’s a big THANK YOU to Pet Supermarket for their paw-some gift of friendship and support. During this year’s National Guide Dog Month, Pet Supermarket and their customers donated $86,128—that’s a lot of freedom, confidence, and hope for the people who need our dogs! #LendAPawForPets #WeSpeakPet ...

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Many of the people who apply for one of our dogs isolate themselves and feel isolated by others because of their disability. They often never leave home. Our dogs help their handlers rejoin the world, offering new ways to integrate with their community and improving both their psychological and physical well-being. In Debbie Ciepiela’s case, the health benefits of life with her guide dog, Victoria, are measurable and profound:

“This is what my guide dog did for me," Debbie says. "I could not have done this without Victoria. I was sedentary and afraid to leave the porch prior to obtaining my guide. I was a size 24 at school. My new jeans are a size 12. My A1C reading (blood sugar level indicator of diabetes) was at 11 four years ago. It was down to 5.1 at my last checkup and we are now discussing discontinuing my diabetes and high blood pressure medications!”

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Sweet dreams are made of treats. #SundaySnuggles

Today's #SundaySnuggles is brought to you by Clearwater Kennel Club, one of our Independence level Walkathon 2022 sponsors.

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This #VeteransDay, we honor all the men and women who’ve served our country and want to let you know we’re here to help. Watch this video to see just what a service dog can do to bring hope. Find out more at ...

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When your new #GuideDogPuppy tries to play with your dog 🐾 ...

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Although 60 seconds flies by quickly, producing our newest animated short, “Believe in Hope,” took nearly a year, hundreds of hours, and three different production teams from Palmetto, Florida to Spain and Portugal. So, what does it take to bring a project like this to life? A million little details. A million little things that you may not realize... until now. Come behind the scenes with a little documentary called “Building Hope.”

Visit for descriptive video for the visually impaired

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Sweet dreams are made of treats. #SundaySnuggles

Today's #SundaySnuggles is brought to you by NEXTGEN Family Magazine, one of our Independence level Walkathon 2022 sponsors.

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Southeastern Guide Dogs has stocked our online gift store with this season’s holiday cards, and we are ready to help you spread hope and cheer. Choose from two beautiful designs and share a smile. And don’t forget, every purchase supports our mission. Don’t wait! Purchase your holiday cards today. ...

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Believe in Hope | A Short Animated Film by Southeastern Guide Dogs
Must see! Just in time for the holidays—our newest animated short film, “Believe in Hope.” Watch this heartwarming tale for an inspiring look at how our dogs spread hope wherever they go. Learn more at #seguidedogs #southeasternguidedogs #animatedshort

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