Everyone likes a good story…

Southeastern Guide Dogs has a great one to tell. The plot is a simple one: Person meets dog. Dog changes person’s life in unimaginable ways. There’s a bit more to it than that but, in a nutshell, that is what has happened at our school more than 2,800 times since we opened our doors in 1982.

Request a Volunteer with an Ambassador Dog

We love being able to share our mission and increase local awareness of our school and the services we provide. We are pleased to offer the opportunity to have one of our awesome Ambassador Dogs and their handler come meet and address your group or organization.

Our Ambassador Program is led by expert volunteers who provide educational outreaches throughout:

+ Pinellas County
+ Hillsborough County
+ Manatee County
+ Sarasota County

We occasionally have the ability to fulfill requests in other counties of Florida and out of state requests for certain parts of Georgia, Texas, and Virginia.

Our volunteers have the ability to present in different formats (Meet-n-Greet, Q&A Session, PowerPoint, etc.) to meet the needs of your group or event.

Speaking Engagement Suggested Donation – $250.00



  • How do I request an Ambassador dog to come to my event or to speak with my group?

  • How far in advance should I request an Ambassador?

  • How long will the Ambassador be at my event?

  • Is there a cost for an Ambassador speaker?

  • My organization cannot provide the $250 donation. Does this mean I cannot request an Ambassador for my event?