Every dog has a destiny, and you’re invited to watch them reach it.

Southeastern Guide Dogs brings you Dogs of Destiny,
a series showcasing extraordinary dogs that transform lives.


Latest episode: “When Lillie Met Sally”

Meet a little girl who traveled around the world to find her forever family and forever friend. She faced many challenges, but When Lillee Met Sally, she found comfort and courage in big brown eyes and a wagging tail. Witness this beautiful story between a brave little girl and her Kids Companion dog.


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This episode of Dogs of Destiny is brought to you with grateful recognition of The AmerisourceBergen Foundation for their generous partnership.



Season 1 | Episode 1: “Count on Me”
Meet Midnight, the therapy dog who brightens the days of veterans at the 140th Wing of the Colorado Air National Guard. And Chenille, a service dog and new best friend to an Air Force veteran. And Taylor, a Gold Star Family dog restoring hope to a little girl who lost her Army dad. These are just three of the dogs starring in the series premiere of Dogs of Destiny, featuring the extraordinary dogs of Southeastern Guide Dogs.


Season 1 | Episode 2: “Dear Superhero”
In this emotionally intense episode, you’ll meet a group of inspiring people who took the courageous step to conquer their visual impairments and seek a fuller life with the help of an amazing four-legged friend and partner from Southeastern Guide Dogs. It shows and tells a story about wishing for something so much that it’s all you dream about; having the courage to leave your comfort zone and taking that big first step towards a new life; overcoming the misconceptions some have about visually-impaired people; and discovering independence and hope at the end of a leash.

Woven around the poetic words of Lynn Puckett—who you’ll meet in the episode—“Dear Superhero” is a love letter full of reflection, hope, remembrance, and outstanding achievement. One warning, though: have some tissues handy. You’re going to need them.


Season 1 | Episode 3: “Freedom Walk”

In this “looking back / moving forward” episode, you’ll meet some of the people who were there at the very beginning of Southeastern Guide Dogs, and meet two completely different yet perfectly matched Labrador retriever guide dogs and their two-legged partners. Heather Tuck says her dog Martin “…has the biggest personality I’ve ever seen in a dog.” You’ll see that personality in action as he brightens up every room he walks into—and gives sloppy wet kisses to everyone he meets.

A ‘Tiny Texan’ Lab named Tahoe is one-half of The Smooth Crew with her ‘fashion always on point’ partner, Gary Ernneus. To say the pair has style is a massive understatement, as you’ll see in the truly inspirational story of a renewed man and his dog. You’ll also meet some of the folks who are the very heart of the organization—our puppy raisers. Think it would be hard to give up a puppy you’ve just spent a year raising? Meet a couple of couples who did 22 and 47 times, respectively!


“Something to Prove”

They say life comes full circle, and this Dogs of Destiny episode proves that to be true. Meet a man who generously donated his time as a puppy raiser, then unexpectedly found himself on the receiving end of a service dog.
After a harrowing accident broke David Caras’ body and spirit, a fearless Lab named Bobb gave him the strength he needed to feel whole again.


“Love at First Sight”

You never know when Cupid’s going to sneak up on you. Musician Jim Rigg lost his eyesight in his 30s and went along with life. Then, a chance meeting with a beautiful woman opened his eyes to a whole new world of freedom—through a dog—and their lives would never be the same. Watch their story in our latest episode of Dogs of Destiny, “Love at First Sight.”



“Another Chance”

Imagine being blind and relying on your guide dog every day for years. Then imagine the day that it’s time to hang up the harness; it’s time for your dog to retire. Come on an emotional journey as three people from Guide Dog Class 304 transition to their new guides—all for another chance at freedom. This episode of Dogs of Destiny is brought to you with grateful recognition of Altrust for their generous partnership.



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