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“With McKee by my side, people actually want to talk to me when I’m out and about,” Rhonda says. “When I had my cane, people ignored me. I think they were afraid of me.”

McKee transformed a world that once made Ronda feel invisible into a place where she feels seen. Every day, our dogs guide, comfort, and support—yet, sometimes their ability to bring a sense of belonging means the most.

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Just another morning in Cutetown. #SundaySnuggles ...

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"No, I haven't learned what the word "sharing" means yet." -Pup Pup ...

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There’s still time to visit your local @petsupermarket to shop for a cause. Through the end of September, their nationwide Lend a Paw program is collecting donations at checkout to support our extraordinary dogs. With every $5 donation, receive one FREE bag of Crunchy Os, Tenderollies dog treats, or PurrSnackitty cat treats, while supplies last.

Also, for every customer who purchases any Fromm Family Pet Food—the official dog food of Southeastern Guide Dogs—and makes a donation at the register, Pet Supermarket will match customer donations up to a total of $20,000!

Grab those must-have pet items at Pet Supermarket while making a difference in our life-changing mission.

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What does jumping through puddles in a splash pad teach a growing puppy? Today, Lauren Holtz of our Puppy Academy shows us how water play on a hot day is more than just fun and games. Puddles, body sprays, and bubbling pipes teach our puppies important lessons about their world. Watch these pups play with a purpose while staying cool! ...

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Our puppies sure know how to stay cool! Playtime in their very own splash pad is not only refreshing on a sunny day, but it teaches them a few important skills for their bright futures. Join us today at 1:00 p.m. EST on Facebook LIVE as we visit our Puppy Academy to see how water play has a purpose for these pups with big life-changing destinies. Splash into the fun with us! ...

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Have you ever wondered what access rights guide dogs and service dogs have in Florida?

Our recent blog post, "Service Dog Access: Know the Rules and Your Rights," breaks down the world of service dogs, explaining what they are, their training requirements, certification criteria, and the access laws that safeguard these canines and their handlers.

We also cover how the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) protects service dog rights, ensuring they have public access and exemptions from "no pets" policies. Whether you have a service dog or you’re an employer or business owner, it’s important to be educated about Florida’s access laws.

Learn more here: https://www.guidedogs.org/blog/ask-the-trainer/service-dog-access/

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Hello from our newest star, Astro! This luminous little PupPal is counting down to liftoff, and he wants you along for the ride. Ready to help him change someone’s entire universe? Join PupPal for only $19 a month, and you’ll get adorable puppy videos and digital content delivered monthly to your inbox. For now, take a sneak peek at the cutest thing in this solar system—he might just rock your world. 3, 2, 1… ...

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Our puppy raisers open their homes wide and their hearts even wider to our wonderful pups. In this short video, Raising Hope, peek into the magical world of puppy raising and discover how joining this big-hearted community can forever change your life. Hear from the people who have walked this journey—cry, laugh, and dream alongside them. Make a difference, together. Because these precious pups need you. Will you open your home and heart, too? ...

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Big 🥄 Little 🥄 #SundaySnuggles ...

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What does it take to make an animated film come to life? Imagination, collaboration, and a little bit of magic.

Our new animated film, Lucy, blends three animation techniques to tell the heartfelt tale of a Southeastern Guide Dog named Lucy and the little girl who needs her faithful friendship.

Travel to Spain and Portugal where talented animators and musicians share their artistic secrets to create Lucy’s world in this behind-the-scenes documentary, Making Lucy.

From storyline to character development, the perfect ears, and a catchy soundtrack—take a sneak peek at Lucy’s transformation from sketch to screen. Watch Making Lucy and see animation in a whole new light!

Click here for descriptive video for the visually impaired: https://vimeo.com/863334055/9884a514dc

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Guide dog Dash and Keith (AKA handler, dad, and best friend) take on @petsupermarket! First stop? Yep, you guessed it: @FrommFamily Crunchy O’s treats.  
Watch their journey exploring all the goodies and learn why Pet Supermarket has such a special place in our hearts. Here’s a hint—during the entire month of September, Pet Supermarket’s Lend a Paw program invites shoppers to donate at checkout to support Southeastern Guide Dogs! 
Meet Dash and find out how you can contribute to making a difference.

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On September 11, 2001, Michael Hingson went to work at the World Trade Center as if it were any other morning, not knowing what was to come. With him was his faithful guide dog, Roselle. After two terrorist attacks struck the Twin Towers, Roselle confidently guided Michael down 78 floors to safety. Our Tampa Area Puppy Raisers sponsored and named a puppy Roselle to commemorate Roselle's courage, loyalty, and bravery. She became a breeder, and her puppies now provide the same steadfast loyalty for their handlers, just as Roselle did for Michael. #NeverForget ...

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Retail therapy isn't just good for the soul—it's also great for our four-legged friends! Keith Watson and his guide dog, Dash, went on a shopping spree at their local @petsupermarket to pick up some must-have goodies.
But there’s more to this trip than filling a cart (and a belly). Throughout the entire month of September, Pet Supermarket’s nationwide Lend a Paw program is collecting donations at checkout to support Southeastern Guide Dogs. And with every $5 donation, you’ll receive one FREE bag of Crunchy O’s, Tenderollies dog treats, or PurrSnackitty cat treats (while supplies last). What a great way to pamper your furry friend while helping our dogs continue their life-changing missions. Plus, for every customer donation with a @frommfamily Pet Food product purchase, Pet Supermarket will match customer donations up to a total of $20,000!
Swing by Pet Supermarket, treat your pet, and be a part of this heartwarming mission today.

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When a Navy family lost their hero, their grief felt all-consuming. But then a furry friend named Saint appeared, and hope returned. Read more of their touching story from the latest issue of Life Unleashed, and meet the yellow Lab that is this family’s “steadfast friend, confidante, mender of hearts, and bearer of pure joy." Read now at https://www.guidedogs.org/life-unleashed-library/summer-2023/heaven-sent/ ...

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Watch the magic of Lucy—a tale of a small pup, Lucy, who needs a purpose, and a young girl, Chloe, whose heart is broken. In this special tribute to our Gold Star Family dogs, and faithful furry friends everywhere, Lucy unleashes the healing love of two best friends. Let your heart soar with hope and your imagination dance in wonder as you witness the power of love and the magic of friendship in our brand-new animated short film.

Click here for descriptive audio for the visually impaired: https://lnkd.in/gpciXzuP

Give today—and give the gift of friendship. You’ll multiply your impact because our Best Friends Buddies will match your donation dollar for dollar up to $250,000. https://www.guidedogs.org/lucy

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Puppy paradise alert! This pup is living their best life, making a splash out on our puppy splash pad 😍 🐾 ...

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For the entire month of September, Pet Supermarket’s nationwide Lend a Paw program is collecting donations at checkout to help our dogs achieve their destinies. And with every $5 donation, you’ll receive one FREE bag of Crunchy Os, Tenderollies dog treats, or PurrSnackitty cat treats while supplies last. Plus, for every customer donation with a Fromm Family Pet Food product purchase, @petsupermarket will match customer donations up to a total of $20,000!

Find your Pet Supermarket and stock up on your favorite pet food and treats—all for a great cause—to support our extraordinary dogs.


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Her night started as a fairy tale. It ended in the emergency room.

When Lexie fell in a dim stairway the night of her high school homecoming, she knew she needed a guide dog. Now a bright, energetic Lab named Alice not only brings Lexie comfort, but she gently pulls Lexie out of her comfort zone.

Read about Lexie and Alice’s special bond in our newest issue of Life Unleashed.


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We have weathered the storm, and our dogs, people, and campus are fine. Our thoughts are with those who were impacted by Hurricane Idalia. ...

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