Girl hugs and looks down at yellow guide dog in harness who is looking at the camera

Changing the world, one dog and one life at a time

Southeastern Guide Dogs began in 1982 with a single vision: to help those who cannot see. We've come a long way since then, creating over 3,300 guide and service dog teams across the U.S. and serving people with vision loss, veterans with disabilities, and children.

A black lab puppy looks through a bush of yellow flowers

Raise a Puppy. Change a Life.

You don’t have to be perfect to be a puppy raiser! All you need is an abundance of love for puppies and for our mission. Share that love and we’ll teach you the rest.

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Making “best friends” even better

While every child can benefit from having a dog, for some facing real-world challenges, our dogs can build a bridge to a much wider world. Find out how.

Black lab puppy sits in grass and looks at the camera

Help him reach his full potential.

Every puppy born at Southeastern Guide Dogs has the potential to change a life. But achieving it requires a dedication to excellence and the help of friends like you. Will you help him reach his full potential? Sponsor a puppy today.

Man in Air Force uniform looks down and kneels next to yellow service dog in training who is looking off into the distance

Proudly serving those who’ve served.

It takes courage to serve in our nation’s armed forces—and even more to ask for help dealing with hidden wounds like PTSD. If you or any veteran you know are fighting a battle that just can’t seem to be won, a service dog from Southeastern Guide Dogs can help.

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Girl smiles while she hugs black lab
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Everybody needs a best friend—especially kids! With help from our Best Friends Buddies, you can double your donation, with all gifts matched up to $300,000. Brighten a kid’s world today! ...

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How do teens and parents describe Guide Dog Camp in one word?
“Enlightening” “Helpful” “Confidence-booster” “Fun” “Companionship” “Incredible” “Exhilarating” “Amazing” “Discovery” “Exciting!”

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"There are not enough heartwarming words to express the experience we had. It was moving, riveting, an experience you will never forget. I would return and will return again. We know what Southeastern Guide Dogs is all about, but experiencing the lives of those who live with these needs every day…it’s beyond words." —Beyond the Dark Attendee

Reserve your spot for our engaging presentation, Beyond the Dark, held regularly here on our lovely Palmetto, Florida campus. Your $20 reservation fee directly supports our mission. Bring a friend, and we hope to see you soon!

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Ensuring that our mamas are comfortable throughout their vet exams is a top priority! This is how we practice. #SEGuideDogs #DogUltrasound #cooperativehandling #cooperativecare ...

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Turn down the lights and silence the phones—it’s Sunday-snuggle time!

Today's #SundaySnuggles is brought to you by True Eye, one of our Independence level Walkathon 2022 sponsors.

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It’s time for Freshman Orientation—the day that all puppy raisers know is coming, the day their puppy returns to the Southeastern Guide Dogs campus for advanced skills training at Canine University. It’s an emotional day of tears, laughter, and goodbye kisses. Tune in at 1:00 p.m. EST on Facebook LIVE as we experience Freshman Orientation with puppy raiser Katherine Wallace and puppy-in-training, Maureen. Saying goodbye is never easy! ...

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Did you know that about 40% of our volunteer puppy raisers get involved because they heard about us from a friend? Thanks for being our ambassador! Now, in the comments below, we challenge you to tag 2 of your friends who might not know about Southeastern Guide Dogs. You're the best! ...

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We have cuddles and cuteness galore! #seguidedogs ...

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After serving in the Army as a combat engineer for 20 years, Donell Powell left with painful memories as well as issues with his knees, shoulder, and back. Most nights he’d awaken around 2:30 in the morning, unable to return to sleep. Now a service dog named Jennie has come bounding into his life.

“She’s energetic and very friendly…she motivates me to get out and do things, Donell says. “When I got matched with Jennie, that night she was in the room, and I could see a change within myself. Just by her looking at me, wanting to be with me, anywhere I go—I loved it. She’s the perfect match.”

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Each 👍🏻 is one boop for Ms. Beasley’s cute little snoot! ...

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Will you be my raiser? I am waiting for my special person to come along to raise me—teach me my basic skills, introduce me to the world, and love me unconditionally! Do you think that could be you? Learn more about becoming my puppy raiser at ...

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What’s red, white, blue, and a yellow Lab? Freedom! On June 14, 1777, our nation adopted the Stars and Stripes as our nation’s flag, a colorful symbol of independence. Our dogs are all about independence and freedom, too, so happy Flag Day from Southeastern Guide Dogs! ...

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There’s nothing a good cuddle can’t fix. Right?

Today's #SundaySnuggles is brought to you by the Tampa Bay Kennel Club, one of our Independence level Walkathon 2022 sponsors.

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During her sophomore year at the University of Florida, Ally Cagle began raising puppies when she got involved with the UF Puppy Club. This summer, Ally and her puppy in training, Alice, have been traveling across New England, experiencing many new and exciting sights.

This week, Ally and Alice are heading to Arlington, Virginia, for an internship in government and public services consulting with Deloitte. This dynamic duo is ready to conquer the D.C. area!

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Because of our outstanding support from you, our caring community, and our faithful friends, our Walkathon 2022 season was a massive success! We’re thrilled to announce that you helped us reach our goal, and together you raised more than $921,000! These funds directly impact people with vision loss, veterans with disabilities, and children with significant challenges. Amazing!

We're paws-itively thrilled, and we want to say thank you, thank you, and thank you to everyone who helped make our trifecta of Walkathons such a fabulous success.

And another big thank you goes to our Presenting sponsor, Fromm Family Pet Food, our Signature sponsors, Elanco and Subaru of America, along with our other incredible sponsors for the walkathon 2022 season. With your gracious and generous support, we're continuing to fulfill our mission of extraordinary dogs, changing lives.

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“If you have any desire at all to give up your isolation and lack of confidence, a service dog is the way to go. It's not like taking on a burden. It’s taking on something that's going to give you a sense of freedom that you may not have experienced for a long time.” —Paul Utter

Paul Utter is a U.S. Air Force veteran who lives within a mile of our campus. Paul’s military experience involved years of tragedies that left him with PTSD, and feelings of safety were rare. In 2008 he started volunteering for us, driving puppies to veterinary clinics before we built our veterinary center, socializing the younger puppies, and walking the bigger dogs.

In 2011, Paul was matched with his beloved service dog Ellie, who just retired in December 2021. Last month, he was paired with successor dog Louie and anticipates the same gifts of safety, confidence, and comfort that Ellie provided.

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Treats, kisses, and sleepy Sunday Snuggles—these are a few of my favorite things.

Today's #SundaySnuggles is brought to you by @clearchanneloutdoor, one of our Independence level Walkathon 2022 sponsors.

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Please say hello to two of the cutest and smartest pups you’ll ever meet! They’re our newest puppies available for sponsorship: Kayden and Kinsley.

Sponsor a puppy, and you’ll follow its journey for a year as it learns, trains, and grows up to be caring, confident, and highly skilled. From Puppy Kindergarten to Canine University, we’ll send you regular photos and Pupdates along the way. Join the fun with Kayden and Kinsley!

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Memorial Day is about remembering the sacrifices. And nobody knows those sacrifices better than the ones left behind. We remember. We care. And we know that you do, too. Our Gold Star family dogs are our gifts to military families—like Jeanette with her dog, Bruno.

If you know a Gold Star family, let them know that they can apply for their own beautiful dog here:

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