Building a Bridge to a Brighter Future

Our Kids Companion Dogs close the gap between the child of today and the independent guide dog handler of tomorrow.

Young girl kisses the top of a black lab's head

Created especially for your visually impaired child, our Kids Companion dog program builds a bridge between the child of today and the independent guide dog handler of tomorrow by providing skilled companion dogs to visually impaired children—at absolutely no cost.

Your child will gain confidence by learning how to care for the dog—feeding, grooming, walking, and playing—as well as a sense of ownership, responsibility, and maturity. A Kids Companion dog will give your child extra love, encouragement, and purpose to help them move forward in the face of adversity. When the day comes to train with a guide dog, your child will experience a smoother transition to freedom and independence.

If you have a child ages 17 and younger and are interested in obtaining a Kids Companion Dog, please email Katie Perez or call 941.479.6598 to learn more.

“Over the past year, it’s been amazing to witness the bond that has developed between the two of them. Clifford is truly a blessing!”

Colleen, mother of Sean, who is paired with Kids Companion dog Clifford